"Super-Tech Filter...
...providing quality HVAC and Industrial products"

Super-Tech Filter



uper-Tech Filter, providing quality HVAC and Industrial products to the following: mechanical contractors, commercial buildings, hospitals, cleanrooms, power plants, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food processing, museums, semiconductor, casinos, universities & schools, indoor arenas and wastewater treatment facilities.


Super-Tech Filter is based in Denver, Colorado offering a wide variety of air filter types including HEPA and ULPA filters (prefilters, final filters, clean room grade, ducted HEPA filters, fan powered HEPA filters) and gas phase filtration products. Additionally, we offer Cleanroom Design, Engineering and Construction services. Super-Tech Filter’s product line includes, but is not limited to, FlandersviledonPurafilTrion Inc.Engineered Filtration SystemsGates BeltsHEPA Corporation,D MarkSmith Filter CorporationDwyer Instruments Inc.Munters CELdek GLASSdekTIFA LLCENVIRCOTRI-DIM Filter CorporationUltraViolet Devices Inc. andoptimum filter.

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